Acanthus Luxury Homes

Acanthus Luxury Homes is no longer building, but you may run across some of their previously built homes, so this page is left up for reference.

When choosing a custom home builder in Austin, it is important to look for the quality of craftsmanship and the ability to design a home based on the buyer's needs. It is, after all, the buyer's home and should reflect their taste and lifestyle. There are many builders to choose from in Austin. Many are experienced in providing homes for first time buyers. If in the market for a luxury home, however, Acanthus Luxury Homes is a company worth looking into. With unique designs and environment friendly features, these builders represent the Austin community well.

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About Acanthus' History

A family business, Acanthus has been building homes in Austin since 1992, when it was established by Thomas, Michael, and Patrick Jude. Following in the footsteps of their master builder grandfather, these men are skilled in every aspect necessary to create beautiful homes. Their expertise includes finance and business management; masonry, plumbing, and electrical; and commercial building. When each ended up in the Austin area, it only made sense to combine their knowledge and create a business known for unique designs and customer satisfaction.

Acanthus Luxury Homes can be found in the most desired of Austin neighborhoods. You will find their homes in Westminster Glen, Crystal Falls, Barton Creek, Sundance Ranch, River Place, and Cimarron Hills. The homes are breathtaking in their use of various materials and textures. The company has been building with environmentally friendly materials for years, and has now gained recognition for the energy efficient homes that include standard features that other builders may consider upgrades. It is a standard practice for Acanthus to use more timber for superior framing. This will increase the home's sustainability for a longer duration. The company also has experience in designing and building dome homes.

Acanthus Design and Philosophy

The design of each home is meant to show off the surrounding nature, wherever the home is built. There are several neighborhoods exclusively built by Acanthus Luxury Homes throughout the Austin area. Each is selected based on location to the city itself, but with an emphasis on preserving the natural settings. No matter the type of neighborhood a discriminating buyer is looking for, Acanthus can find the right home. Whether it is a lakefront property or a home in the local hill country, there is a home for everyone. Each neighborhood is located in excellent school districts and have amenities desired by many buyers.

Every space in an Acanthus home is designed to be functional. The floor plans often boast an open feel with an attention to detail that has made these builders so successful. Landscaping is included in the design so that every feature fits perfectly. The goal is to bring the owner as close to nature as possible with the least impact on the natural environment. The craftsmanship is astonishing in its elegance and the specialists chosen to help create this home are of the highest quality. Green materials and energy efficient options save the owner money through the years while proving the continued dedication of the company to customer satisfaction.

The team at Acanthus Luxury Homes is experienced and detail oriented. The purpose of each home built is to create not just a beautiful house, but a home that fits right into a buyer's lifestyle.

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