Apono Estate Homes: Austin Builder

Apono Estate Homes is no longer building, but you may run across some of their previously built homes, so this page is left up for reference.

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If you are thinking of building your dream house in Austin, you will be by now scouting around for home builders who can help you realize that dream. If you have not found them yet, you might want to check out Apono Estate Homes down at Wynona Avenue, Austin, Texas. Ask for more details or check out their website for their Adobe PDF downloadable home-building guides.

About Apono Estate Homes

Apono Estate Homes offers you a track record of more than two and a half decades of experience in home-building in the Austin real estate market. That expertise is complemented by a team of designers and architects, engineers and craftsmen, and contractors of proven talent and professionalism.

In Central Texas, Apono Estate Homes readily serves your home-building requirements according to the customized quality and distinction you require. Outside of Austin, Apono also serves Waco, Dallas customers and those from other neighboring communities. We can help you find Apono's available properties and projects; just give us a call for more information.

You would be happy to meet the people behind Apono Estate Homes. The President, Robert Green, has two decades of successful experience in several industry sectors behind him. He is founder and President of the Apono Investments, Inc., a construction and real estate firm, and has had stints in management and consulting with other organizations including Abbott and Price Waterhouse. With his bachelor's degree in industrial engineering and master's degree in business, Robert brings with him the skills and innovativeness to home-building that works to your advantage.

Robert's vision and acumen is seconded by his construction manager David Bishop. Dave's bachelor's degree in construction engineering and more than two decades of experience in the construction business give him the backing to oversee a project through from design to construction completion. David Bishop has had stints in construction management with other Texas firms including Brighton Homes, Doyle Home Builders, Scott Felder Homes, Stan Davis Homes, and Bill Milburn Homes.

Local network and projects

The mission of Apono Estate Homes is to guide you all throughout the home construction process. After all, if it took you this long to conceptualize your dream house, you deserve to make that dream come true. And Apono will help you do that by providing you with the choices from its portfolio of dream homes. You get a bird's eye view of every angle and every curve of your house even before you start building it.

Apono does that by networking with construction professionals that take your interests and intentions at heart. As a member of the Home Builder's Association, RECA, and the Custom Builder's Council, Apono assures you of expertise and professionalism all the way.

Why Apono Estate Homes is perfect for you

With all its expertise, years of experience, and numerous completed projects, Apono Estate Homes continues to give its clients the personalized guidance that makes home-building a great experience. Apono guides you all the way, from financing that suits your budget, to choosing the right location, determining the right options for you, establishing the construction time lines, to design, then the customized construction, until the time you move in to your new house of your dreams.

Contact Affinity Properties, your Apono Estate Home Realtors, for more information about guiding you through buying your new Austin home.