Brighton Homes and Parkwood Builders

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In Houston or Dallas, Texas, Brighton Homes and Parkwood Builders of the K. Hovnanian's family of recognized homebuilders combine experience and responsiveness to clients to make its homebuilding style a fresh innovation.

About Brighton Homes

Brighton Homes takes pride in its very simplistic concept for success - the thoughtful and emphatic interpretation and implementation of what the client wants and what the client needs. The company then combines all its years of experience, almost half a century of it really, and outstanding craftsmanship to deliver the desired homes its clients yearn for. Brighton homes are designed with the client and his family in mind, custom made to fit their lifestyle and needs. Various home designs fitting varying lifestyles and requirements are available for customers to view and choose from. They also have homes presently under construction, with a few finishing touches to be done, and will be ready for the client to move in anytime.

Brighton offers new homes, pre-owned homes for sale, and townhomes that bear the distinctive Brighton mark, being a member of the K. Hovnanian family which homebuilding experience go all the way to the 1950s. The company has its team of architects, designers, engineers, and craftsmen to help you build your dream home in no time.

Projects and services

Brighton Homes & Parkwood Builders know that each home is unique, just as each homeowner is. They also know that each home should reflect the personality and lifestyle of its owner. That is why Brighton homes are built for its clients taking into highest consideration care and quality, the best quality materials, the most expert craftsmanship, and adherence to the most exacting and stringent of homebuilding standards.

Among its projects are single family homes, townhomes and condominiums, resorts-at-home for the active adults, and homes for the metropolitan dwellers. Brighton Homes allow you the flexibility whether you are just starting a family and need a home for them, or are expanding your home for your growing kids. You have a choice of first-own starter units or more opulent, luxury estates. If you are the carefree type, you may opt for a town house or condo-unit located within easy access to your work and recreational places.

Brighton Homes and Parkwood Builders are not currently building in the Austin real estate market, but they have in the past and may some day in the future. Keep an eye on this page for updates on both builders.

Why Parkwood Builders may be the perfect builder for you

Whether you are starting a family or have a big one already, or if you are the single carefree young professional with the metropolitan lifestyle, you will need a home that will fit that lifestyle, adapt to your rhythm, be located where you want it to be, on specifications you require, within your financial and budgetary limits. Brighton Homes consider all these in their construction of your dream house or their offering of a pre-owned home for you. Moreover, Brighton's years of experience are founded on devotion and commitment to quality and adherence to building standards that ensure not only satisfaction but safety for you and your family. With you paramount in their mind, Brighton Homes is your builder of choice if you are looking for diversity, quality, and guaranteed satisfaction.

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