Cantera Homebuilders

Building with Austin in Mind

Austin is a city of development. It began as an area of wilderness that Native American tribes passed through on their nomadic treks, a permanent home to wildlife only. However, it quickly became the capital of Texas when scouts realized its location near the river and other natural resources made it ideal for settlement. By 1839 it was officially the city of Austin, a town that would, and continues to do so today, develop and flourish. Austin's history proves that with determination and hard work, a spot of land that few men know of can easily become a home to many. Cantera Homebuilders recognizes this fact and uses it as inspiration for the development they foster every day.

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Cantera Homebuilders History

Cantera Homebuilders began when Rick Cones, president, decided to take his experience as a regional home builder and use it to create a business that would cater to the customer's needs while taking in to account the natural surroundings. He and his team of professionals, which has over 35 years of home building experience combined, work today to create a product that embodies quality, craftsmanship and design. They keep the client consistently involved, striving to build a house that not only reflects the reputation of Horizon Homebuilders but the unique qualities of the home buyer.

Cantera Homebuilder Communities

When you decide you want a home from Cantera Homebuilders, your first step is to see what they have already done. Fortunately, that's not difficult. Cantera is all over Austin real estate from building Lakeway homes to Barton Creek luxury homes. Their communities include Polo Club, The Preserve at Barton Creek, Lakeway, Gabriel's Overlook and Alta Vista at Lakeway. If you drive through any of these communities you'll immediately see the art and quality involved in a Cantera home and want one of your own.

The Building Process

Beyond wanting, you'll set up an appointment with the company, where you will be assigned a sales person, superintendent and possibly a customer service representative. Together you will determine what design is best for you and your family from property size to number of rooms to extra decorating touches. You will also learn what to expect during the building process, so that when the foundation is laid you are not hit with unwanted surprises.

From there, they will build your house. They will lay the foundation, construct the framing, put in all the necessary wiring, walls and windows, and give you a home you can make a future in. During this process your point of contact will be the salesperson. If you have any questions, they will go through him, happily and quickly.

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When you move in, the rest is up to you. But you can be assure that you have a quality home, and if you really need some helpful hints, Cantera Homebuilders has provided links and suggestions for interior design on its Web site. So you won't really be on your own. You'll have a high-quality, well-respected company backing you all the way. And if that's not what you want in a home builder, then what you want isn't a home; it's uncertainty.