Casa Bella Homes

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If you go for a home's creative design and versatility, yet are conscious of price and will want more fiscal flexibility, but of course not wanting to sacrifice quality, Casa Bella Homes will be more than happy to work with you. Accordingly, Casa Bella Homes banner versatility and quality as their unique trademarks.

About Casa Bella Homes

With less than a decade to its name, Casa Bella Homes already built a reputation for quality and customer satisfaction since its inception in 1999. How versatile can you be if you can provide your client a range of homes priced between $150,000 to $2 Million yet be consistent in the quality and amenities those homes will offer?

Casa Bella Homes' President, Brady Behrens, is the expert behind the company's success. A whiz in his own right, Brady started his construction career doing both large- and small-scale construction for Austin homebuilders before Casa Bella. The hands-on type, Brady works with his team of architects and other construction professionals through every phase of a project, seeing it through to completion. He knows that it is his job to bridge the home owner with his designers, subcontractors, down to the last craftsman, to make sure that the owner's specifications are met and expectations are totally satisfied. Brady brings to the firm his affinity as member to the National Association of Home Builders, the Home Builders Association of Greater Austin, and the Texas Association of Builders.

Casa Bella Homes works closely with Kipp Flores Architects, a premier award-winning architecture firm in the Austin real estate market that already won numerous awards and gained a reputable client list. This is strategic as Casa Bella Homes expands to remodeling and renovation, and improvement of already existing homes.

Austin subdivisions and communities

Casa Bella Homes finished and sold numerous home projects already in the local subdivisions of Arbolago, Behrens Ranch, Crystal Falls, Emerald Oaks, and Zunker Meadows. While their inventory of houses in these areas has been sold already, Casa Bella Homes is ready for your new home's construction whenever you are ready! You can phone in your inquiries at 512-996-8223 to check on Casa Bella's inventory of lots, too, and they assure you that they can help in your relocation, and ultimately new home construction. They have lots available for sale in Round Rock, Leander, and Cedar Park specifically at Behrens Ranch, Crystal Falls, Zunker and Emerald Oaks subdivisions.

Casa Bella Homes may just be the perfect builder for you!

Seeing Casa Bella Homes' showcase home the 310 Camino Arbolago, with its Mediterranean theme, spacious living areas, and discriminating amenities, one wonders if Casa Bella Homes is not really the ideal builder for one's dream home. The ability to build a home that exudes warmth and ambiance that is truly inviting, making each guest feel most welcome, is a secret Casa Bella Homes takes pride in.

This is so because Casa Bella Homes works closely with you through every step of the process in building your home, from the conceptualization and design, to the estimations and plans, to the precise execution of those plans towards completion. They ensure the client is allowed the creativity and flexibility and at the same time assuring quality in the construction of the client's home. As they say at Casa Bella, this is the reason for their existence!

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