Celebration Homes

Celebration Homes is no longer building, but you may run across some of their previously built homes, so this page is left up for reference.

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There are lots of home builders out there who truly take the home owner's interests at heart, watching out for the latter's expectations and meeting them, adhering to each and every specification, and paying attention to each detail to truly customize the construction to the owner's taste. Celebration Homes wants to think of itself as that type of custom home builder.

About Celebration Homes

John Hansel, who has been in the contracting business in Austin real estate since 1976, founded the Celebration Homes company to make a difference in the custom home industry in the area. He wanted to be known in the industry as that dependable contractor who never compromised on quality. With his track record of repair and renovation work on more than 200 foreclosed properties of mortgage banks in the area, Hansel brought that construction experience with him and went on to custom home building.

The company is known, largely through Hansel, to be a set apart from the competition in that Celebration Homes will build any home size at any budget level. This is done as an open book bid is made by Hansel to the client. This bid itemizes the materials and their costs and in all transparency, the markup of Celebration Homes is indicated. If the client is comfortable with the arrangement, of which oftentimes he is, Hansel proceeds with the project. The client is assured of John Hansel's personalized service and complete attention to the project.

If it's quality and value-for-your-money you are looking for, this will be your home builder. Celebration Homes holds office at 6233 CR 340 Burnet, Texas and may be contacted by phone at 512-756-8319 or their toll-free numbers 866-345-8719.

Austin New Home Communities

Celebration Homes limits its custom home building projects to around six or eight projects at most in a year. This is so that head builder John Hansel will have ample time to devote to personally supervising each and every project.

They have been associated with projects for and with the following: Mcingvale Lake House, Austin Area Properties, the Texas Capitol Area Builders Association, and the Austin Association of Remodeling Contractors. Other construction associates of Celebration Homes include Art on Tiles, the Better Business Bureau, Blue Moon Llamas, October Skies, and the Home Builders' Utopia.

Each Celebration Homes project is imbued with the close attention to detail and customized perfection of the client's specifications. From antique entrance doors to shaded entries, to custom cabinetry and woodworking, Celebration Homes projects are built according to the client's requests and specs, with budgets tailored and optimized to fit the requirements.

Why Celebration Homes should be your choice builder

Testimonials from satisfied customers mention almost the same reasons for you to choose Celebration Homes: competence, professionalism, devoted time and energy, and customized perfection to full client satisfaction. Each project is unique in its own right, and this builder stops at nothing to ensure a personalized touch. Celebration Homes also warrants their work in terms of materials choice and workmanship and stands by each and every home that they build to assure the homeowner of quality and excellent craftsmanship.

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