Jauregui Architecture

You want your home to be more than four walls and a roof. You want it say something about you - that you're an outdoors man, into art or a music buff. You want it to leave an impression on the people who visit. You want it to wow. Jauregui Architecture understands this and builds every home with two things in mind: you and the wow factor.

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Jauregui is a Texas design and build company, meaning it not only designs your future home but constructs it as well. This leaves you with the same team of individuals from start to finish. And since they are there from the very beginning to the "home sweet home," they are even more dedicated to developing a quality structure that satisfies your need for aesthetics and your need for safety. Additionally, they are conveniently located throughout Texas, so whether you are leaving the Austin real estate market behind for Dallas, Houston or San Antonio, or or the market for a piece of Lakeway real estate, Jauregui will be with you. Jauregui currently has homes in Bella Montagna Estates in Lakeway and in Mirador Drive in Barton Creek. Both are marquise sites are revered for their excellent location, craftsmanship of homes, and reputation.

Jauregui Building Process

When you initially contact Jauregui, you will spend some time determining the square footage of your new home, what will be needed to build it and how you can afford it financially. With that figured out, you will schedule a first meeting with your future architect to discuss design and review the home site. All of this is a professional courtesy. You won't sign any papers or begin payments until the first wave of work truly begins. When that happens however, you will have to sign a Pre-construction Agreement, a Residential Construction Contract and an Interior Design Agreement.

During Construction

When construction begins, a team of individuals will work to make sure you have the home you deserve. Your project manager, project builder and architect will continually monitor each other's progress and confer on matters that seem out of whack or misplaced. The other individuals working on your home will be specialists in their field. You won't have to worry that your wiring is crossed or pipes installed improperly, because the people in charge of those tasks will have years of successful experience behind them.

Additional Services

Jauregui's job doesn't end with the final architectural installment. It extends beyond that to interior design. The company not only helps you decide how to design your home but offers you the services of a furniture designer. She'll work with you from before the house is even completed, cataloging the furniture you already have, what you'll need and what will be appropriate for the size and design of your new home. You won't have to worry that when you move in you have three couches and no bed or an armoire that cannot get through the front door. You'll be completely furnished.

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When you move in, you will see that Jauregui wasn't kidding about giving you that wow factor. They were completely serious. Your home won't just amaze the people who visit but you as well. You'll be pleasantly stunned to see that the design and build you envisioned became even more than you thought possible. It became a home that will be the envy of all other Austin homes.