Lantana Homes

When looking for a custom home builder, it is important to find a company that is willing to use the home owner's lifestyle as a design. The mission of Lantana Homes is simple: to convert your vision into a brick and mortar expression of your lifestyle." It is this very basic mission that has made Lantana so successful. The buyer is fully included in every aspect of the build, from design ideas to completion. The process seems more like a brainstorm among colleagues than a building project, thus making what can be a stressful time into a much more comfortable one.

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Who is Lantana Homes?

The buyer will work one on one with the builders right from the start. Glenn Davis is the construction manager who will be on site during the entire build. Janet Pritchard is the interior coordinator who will help with making the house even more of a home. Mark Pritchard is in charge of cost estimate and getting the whole process started. There are also site superintendents who will be on site in case any changes or questions arise during the process. Lantana Homes uses Danze & Davis Architects for floor plans and designs.

Lantana has memberships with several local building associations, such as the Home Builders Association of Greater Austin, where Mark is a past director, and the Custom Builders Council, where Mark is a past Chairman. The company is also registered with the Better Business Bureau and a member of the City of Austin's Green Building Program.  These affiliations show how dedicated the company is to creating quality homes within the Austin real estate market.

Lantana Homes Pricing

One of the best options that Lantana Homes offers is up front pricing. The company will get estimates at the beginning of the design process for the features a buyer may want, and this estimate is included in the pricing. Other builders may sanction $3,000 for a specific portion of the build, such as plumbing. The money would then be spent on other features, meaning the owner would have to pay more for the features originally requested. Lantana has seen this happen and has resolved to not spend a client's money on anything other than requested. Thus, that $3,000 will go specifically to plumbing as planned. This may make for a higher up front price on materials, but fewer surprises, and less overage costs down the line.

Lanatana's Green Building Recognized

Lantana Homes has also been recognized recently on the 2008 Cool House Tour in Austin on June 22. The home presented was a five star "green" home from the Green Building Program in Jester Estates. These homes are made with energy efficient appliances. The designs include windows set up for optimum cross breeze and limited heat transfer. The materials are sustainable products such as stained and scored concrete, wool carpeting, and mesquite woods. Lantana has built a four star home as well. Each is made specifically for the owner's they were built for, as is each home. The environmentally friendly designs will save money over the years on power.

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Lantana Homes has created a working business atmosphere that draws a client in and makes them truly feel as if they are part of the team. This dedication has helped to make the company become part of Austin's growing community.