Your Lockbox May Hold the Key to Selling

So, your house is on the market! Now what?

First thing is to remember that real estate is in many ways a numbers game.

Meaning: more showings equals more prospects, which equals more offers, which in turn equals more money for your house!

Easy access!

You’ll want to be sure that Joe and the team put a lock box on your door or an easily accessed place. When agents work with their buyers to select properties to view they will be much more likely to pick houses that say "Lock Box, no appointment needed."  We have to remember that they are only human and they will take the easiest way.  Lock Boxes can be opened by licensed agents using an electronic Safekey provided by the board to agents in good standing.  They have the added advantage of providing us with a record of who has opened the box and when. That comes in handy for getting feedback after showings!

If it seems just too much trouble to think of having a lock box— pets and/or kids are the usual hang-ups, do some serious thinking about options you might use.  Could Fido spend some time with a friend or family member?  Can play dates be scheduled away from home?  Putting up with a little inconvenience now may mean rewards when the offer comes in.

YOU know your house best and should always be there for showings to point out every detail, right?

WRONG!  You may know the house, but the showing agent knows the buyer and what she’s looking for, and that’s the most important thing in the showing.  Joe’s team member Peggy has many years of real estate experience. She vividly remembers the Green Thumb seller who told the buyer who hates the very idea of yard work in any form, what a pleasure it is to spend the entire weekend working in the yard!  "That buyer couldn’t get out of the house fast enough..and missed the cozy family room that I just knew would make the sale."  It works best when you are away from the house for showings, or at least away from the showing activity.  Let the agent "sell" the features that the buyer wants.