Meritage Homes Austin

It takes an experienced builder to make a home that suits the specific needs of its owner. Meritage Homes has prided itself on doing just that. As the country's 12th largest builder, Meritage has a history of solid craftsmanship and superior design. There are six brand names used to build Meritage Homes, each meaning a different atmosphere and price range. Meritage uses only the finest name brands when selecting features and fixtures for a home, like Moen and Whirlpool. The company is also known for top notch customer service.

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Buying a Meritage Home

To make the purchase of a Meritage Home, the company has preferred lenders and numerous programs to select from. Pre-qualification is necessary to determine the affordability of a selected home. The benefit of using a preferred lender is that they will be familiar with Meritage Homes' specific requirements and policies. There are also incentives offered by Meritage for using one of their preferred lenders. It is the goal of the company that a buyer not only loves their home, but can afford it as well. It is this attention to all details that have made the company so successful.

Possible Green Homes Coming to Austin

Even more impressive is the new step the company is taking toward going green. Though a Meritage "green" home is not currently in Austin, the models built in California have reduced electric bills and energy use dramatically. Additions like solar panels, nighttime ventilation cooling, and tankless water heaters are expected to save homeowners up to 50% on power. This again demonstrates how Meritage has grown with the times and how determined they are to meet the client's needs. It is the quality that sets Meritage apart from other builders. Austin area homes are generally between $150,000 and the $300s, depending on location and features. The ability to transition between materials creates a home that is unique and beautiful. It is this craftsmanship that has gotten the company recognized as Texas Builder of the Year five times.

Meritage Offers Choices

Using the six separate brand names allows clients to select the type of community that fits perfectly to their lifestyle. Whether it is a sprawling estate home, or an urban townhome, Meritage can create the home of your dreams. The local design studio allows a hands on approach to the selection of features. The company handles all orders for these features, giving the client peace of mind. If a client wishes to add an upgrade, that can simply be added to the purchase price and included in the mortgage. This makes every aspect of the build more streamlined and creates an atmosphere a buyer can be comfortable with.

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Meritage Homes has built over 58,000 homes in the United States. The company continues to change with the times and has been helping people literally build their dream home from the ground up for many years. The experience and dedication to quality make them an award winning company with excellent credentials and many satisfied customers. Giving a client exactly what they want in a home is what makes this company so successful.