Miller's Mark

A Family Business

If there is one thing that makes a company seem trustworthy it's the idea that it is based in family - that the foundation that it stands on is one of father and son, husband and wife or any similar combination. There is simply something about a family business that makes it appear reputable, respectable and sincere. Fortunately, with Miller's Mark, formerly Jim Miller and Son Builders, that appearance isn't just an appearance. It really is everything a family business should be.

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How Mom and Pop Started

The company began in 1970 when the Miller family started building their own home in Austin. At first it was slow going. Business thrived as real estate did in the late 70s but slowed to a near halt when the 80s with its downtrodden market arrived. Then, in 1992, real estate once again took off and this small Austin Mom & Pop turned into a successful building company, constructing some of the best designed and high quality single family homes in the area. Today, it remains family owned with Jim Miller managing the basic construction of foundation and framing; Kay Miller managing design, decorating and banking; and Cindy Miller (Jim and Kay's daughter) running the office and assisting with decorating.

Even as business booms, the Millers retain their family ideals, treating the staff like family and the customers with the utmost respect. When a customer comes to them for a home, they listen carefully to their needs and wants, taking into account what will best satisfy them before designing a home. They then guide the customer through the entire process, offering suggestions but not rejecting any thoughts and opinions the client may have. When they are faced with a question they can answer from personal experience, such as one on energy efficiency, they do so, not afraid to let their customers know that they are homeowners, too. They understand what the client is going through.

With all that quality customer service, it's only natural to expect the same level of quality in the homes they build. And that's not an expectation soon to be dashed. The Millers build home of the highest standard. They often recommend additions such as custom made cabinets, insulation in batt form for added density, masonry fireplaces and more. But even if these extras aren't added, a Miller home will have a Techshield radiant barrier sheathing on the roof and exterior walls to help keep the house cool and energy efficient, as well as all the best materials and design. A Miller home, regardless of price and size, is always a home of quality.

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Why Miller's Mark?

Miller's Mark is a company you can trust. It is a company that is built on family, tradition and old-fashioned values. It is an organization that not only builds houses but homes. It is a company you know will take into account the fact that you are looking for a place where you can build your family, where you can feel safe, happy and secure. They will take what they cherish in their own family and put it into your house.