Newmark Homes

Selecting a new home builder can be a challenging decision. It is important to find a builder who will listen to your wishes and make them priority. There are many new home builders available in the Austin area, each with a distinctive style to match meet your needs. What helps to make Newmark Homes stand out is the attention to detail and the insistence of the company to offer a variety to potential clients.

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The History of Newmark

Newmark has been in service for over 25 years and has won numerous awards for the quality and design of their new homes, as well as customer service. It is their continued opinion that there is no "typical" American family that one floor plan will satisfy. The company operates using three names: Newmark, Trophy and Fedrick Harris Estate Homes. The size, location, and features differ between the three, but the quality never changes and is always top notch. There is no limit on the ideas of owners when it comes to features for a new home. Newmark understands this and it shows with each new home design that is built. There are twenty one Newmark communities in the Austin area. Many have amenities such as pools and recreational centers. Some are gated for extra security. Most Newmark are priced between $110,000 and $600,000.

Building with Newmark

Newmark Homes strives to stay at the forefront of design trends, including energy efficiency. The focus on customer service is seen throughout the building process with a one on one relationship between owner and project manager. There is a design center located in Austin to allow a hands on approach for owners to select their desired colors and features. Newmark has a proven process that will take a potential buyer through the entire process as comfortable as possible. The first step is a sales agreement and the initial deposit will be due at this time, as well as the structural options and design completed. Within five days of the agreement, a mortgage application must be submitted with Preferred Home Mortgage Co. After this has been completed, it is time to visit the design center and make all interior and exterior selections not affecting the structure or foundation of the home. The mortgage pre-approval and another trip to the design center for final choices will occur before construction actually begins. Prior to building, the owner will have a home site walk through and any questions will be answered. Newmark has an outside party conduct inspections of the site before the foundation pour, before the drywall is installed, and at completion. This inspection guarantees the quality and workability of the home and its features. The homeowner will also be given a tour before the drywall is installed.

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Continuing with the stellar customer service, Newmark takes the time for two separate pre-closing orientations with the owner. At the first meeting there is a demonstration of the features and a room by room inspection. If there are any details that require attention, these will be handled before the second meeting. This is when the owner signs an Affidavit of Acceptance and the closing can be scheduled. It is this meticulous planning and the overall customer service experience that has made Newmark homes one of the 15 top builders in the nation.