Pulte Homes

When selecting a builder for a new home, experience is key. The builder must be able to complete the home in a timely and efficient manner, and to create the home to meet the buyer's specific needs. In Austin, there are several qualified new home builders to choose from. The area is growing steadily and new homes are still in high demand. Pulte Homes has been building in the Austin area for many years. Known for both the quality of these homes and for an intense attention to detail, Pulte Homes has become a standard in new home design.

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Buying a Pulte Home

President Bill Pulte has over fifty years of building experience in many markets. His team of designers and builders create a comfortable atmosphere where a buyer is involved in every aspect of the building process. This effectiveness is made from the initial meeting and is followed throughout using a tirelessly tested seven step process that allows builder and client to make a stunning home of the highest quality and standards. During this first meeting, important details such as basic timetable for construction and budget are discussed. Also during this meeting, the construction team focuses on the buyers' lifestyle and goes over the optional features available to the new home.

The next step has the homeowner touring the home guided by the project manager during the pre-drywall frame walk. This allows the new owner to see the inner working of the home before even the interior walls are placed. Any questions or changes in optional features are discussed and the homeowner is given the knowledge of how their house was built. During the construction and just after completion, Pulte Homes conducts an internal quality assurance inspection. The professional checks to be sure everything in the house meets quality and legal standards, and of course, that it is all in working order. If there are any touch ups or repairs required, they are completed at this time. This is then followed by a thorough cleaning of the entire home.

Customer Service is Paramount

The pre-closing meeting includes a room by room tour of the completed home by the customer relations manager. Once again, the owner is encouraged to ask any questions. The purpose of this tour is to ensure that the owner knows how to use any of the features that have been added. It is also used to go over the Pulte Protection Plan, which includes specific warranty information and additional information related to the home and its materials. The customer service does not stop there. Pulte Homes makes a point to check on the new homeowners after thirty days in the house. There are also 3 month and 11 month follow up visits to fully ensure customer satisfaction.

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With such attention to customer comfort and the specific details of the build, it is no wonder that Pulte Homes has been ranked highly in multiple markets for customer service. The company is also ranked highly in the areas of quality and design. The company boasts more than fifty years and over 500,000 homes previous experience, and it shows with each new home that is built.