Russell Eppright Custom Homes

Austin is the kind of city that exudes a hometown feel. When building a custom home, it certainly helps to have someone who can not only see the area's potential, but has lived in it as well. Russell Eppright was born and raised in Austin. He has earned a degree in Construction Science from Texas A&M. Eppright Homes generally range from $700,000 to $3 million. Known for being detail oriented, the company has earned many accolades in the Austin area, including The Grand Max Builder for 2000 and 2006. The company has also been named the #1 Custom Home Builder in Austin for the last three years.

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Company History

Before acquiring the company in 1996, Russell Eppright had built more than fifty custom homes. He has put together a team with a combined construction experience of over 30 years. Eppright keeps his project managersfrom taking on too many homes in order to ensure the quality of those currently under construction. The construction managers are the home buyer's main contact throughout the process. This makes for a much more personalized experience during the process. Each of these builders have degrees in the field and are responsible for the overall construction process.

The company has an in house design team that generally helps to create all homes, but is willing to work with any architect. A pre-construction meeting covers this initial design, as well as a working budget and in depth view of the home buyer's lifestyle. With this information, the builders are able to see what is necessary during construction to make the house truly a custom home. Russell Eppright Custom Homes also provides an extensive list of subcontractors in every field of home design in order to provide the highest quality home. Eppright is very meticulous in selecting these professionals based on reputation and excellence in the respected areas.


Due to the luxurious creations by Eppright Homes, the neighborhoods selected as building sites include some of the best views in Austin. Some such locations are Lake Travis, Gaines Ranch, and Seven Oaks. Such areas are well known for good schools and gorgeous views. This is taken into consideration as many homes are built with a sense of nature being brought into the design. Many homes have moving walls and water features added into the lavish details. Such attention to detail has helped to make Russell Eppright Custom Homes a favorite in the area.

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The amount of experience and a home grown president give this company an edge that other builders may not have. Russell Eppright knows which areas in Austin are the most desirable for buyers. It is easy for a native to keep the natural surroundings as they should be during and after a build. The natural beauty of Austin is one of the cities' highest selling points and this is seriously considered throughout the design and building process. With such focus on customer satisfaction and so many years of working construction experience, Russell Eppright Custom Homes will continue to create stunning homes built to suit the owner's specific needs.