Sendero Homes

Austin is a beautiful place to live; there is no debate in that. Throughout the recent national mortgage crisis, this city has remained steady. Unemployment is still low, the housing market maintained well during the last few years while other major cities have experienced a solid slowdown. With a stunning atmosphere, and the promise of excellent growth over the next several years, it's no wonder that custom home building is a prosperous industry in Austin. There are many builders to choose from, ranging from the average home to luxurious estates and communities.

Sendero's History

Sendero Homes has been building homes in the Austin area since 1994. Several of the primaries in the company live in Austin, giving a more intimate knowledge of the area. President Cosmo Palmieri has lived here over 20 years. A graduate of the University of Texas with a B.A. in economics, Palmieri has created a process that allows the buyer to truly design the perfect home. Lance Haley, Vice President and CEO, is a third generation builder with degrees from the University of Texas and the Art Center College of Design. The Chief Financial Officer, Blake Rue also earned his degree in finance from the University of Texas, along with another from the Baylor School of Law where he was on the Law Review.

With the experience of these men and the combined experience of twenty years between the project managers, Sendero Homes has become a well known builder in the Austin area.

Building with Sendero

When first meeting with potential buyers, the builders will learn the specific goals of the home owners, as well as a basic budget. The lifestyle of the client is key at this initial meeting. The goal of Sendero Homes is to build a home that enhances the owners' lives. From this initial meeting, a basic design is put together. The company does have preferred architects, well known for quality craftsmanship, but are willing to work with any architect of the owner's choosing.  The company will then handle the legalities of permits and local government requirements. 

The next step in the process is perhaps the most fun for the new buyers. Specific selection of the homes and amenities is what allows the owner to be a part of the process. This is when the counter tops and cabinets are selected. This is made easier by Sendero by having recommended experts for each selection, from carpeting to door installation. Sendero also provides contacts for insurance and mortgage companies should the owner need assistance.

Sendero Homes are elegantly built and show true craftsmanship when complete. The company has an attention to detail and prefers to have the owners involved as much as possible throughout the building process. The process which has been created allows the new owner to feel as much a part of the team as the project managers themselves. The home owners have the comfort of knowing their home is being built with experience and customer satisfaction firmly at the top of the priority list. The end result is a beautiful home made just for them.