Silverton Custom Homes

Teamwork at Its Finest

When two people get married, it is hoped that the in-laws will tolerate each other if not like one another. After all, they are now a part of one family and animosity could ruin solid relationships. Fortunately, when Mike Grimm and Jim Cummings became in-laws, they didn't just like each other; they found mutual respect for each other and recognized the possibilities that stood between them. In 1993, they became business partners opening Silverton Custom Homes, a well-established home building company in the Austin area.

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Excellence is the Goal

The primary goal of Silverton is excellence. They are sure to achieve this goal every time, first and foremost, because the owners and other staff at Silverton are also residents of the communities within which they build. They know the people they are working with; they know you. As such, they want to make you happy, building the best and most beautiful homes possible in the most secure, community-focused neighborhoods around.

To do this, Silverton relies only on the best. The materials employed, designs created and structures erected are nothing short of grade A. The team compiled at Silverton is one of professional, experienced and innovative individuals who find every project, regardless of size or price range, exciting and challenging. They approach each house with a desire to excel and they succeed, building homes along the waters of Lake Travis and throughout the Austin area that shine and stand out among the rest.

Building Relationships

Part of their quality is the relationship they establish with each customer. A team coordinator is assigned who details the goals and desires of the person or family. Together, the coordinator and client create a design that the builders then match to perfection. As it is built the duo (coordinator and customer) continue to work together, supervising the proceedings and ensuring that all is going as planned and imagined. In the end, the customers are satisfied, happy and home.

A final unique quality of Silverton Homes is the company's own choosiness. They don't accept every client that walks through the door. They don't see a check or credit card and jump to build a home. They only work for customers who have needs that can be met by Silverton - people who match the company in value and expectation. Otherwise, they would find themselves building homes that do not meet the standards they and their customers have come to expect, and they are not willing to do that.

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Representative Homes

If you're interested in a home, a home of quality, luxury, and excellence built on a family bond, consider Silverton. Check out some of the houses they have already built. Examples include 1919 Pace Bend Road in the Tierra Vista community; 18813 Hidden Ridge Place in the Hollows at North Shore community; and 1540 Watercliffe Drive in Waterford on Lake Travis. Many are waterfront; all are beautiful, exceptional examples of what a house can be when you value the structures you are living in and building - in short, it can be a home.