Peter Strobel & Associates

ACES in Construction

There are some instances when a large corporation is comforting - moments when you feel you need the giant reputation of a giant organization. When you purchase a computer or car, for example, you turn to the people who have proven time and again that their products are internationally renowned - you turn to Mac or Ford. But when you're looking for a custom home, the opposite may be true. A large company that knows only of the check you sign and the lot you take off the market is not what you want, need or deserve. You should have a team of individuals working for you who know who you are, who take on only as many projects as their smaller size allows. You want a company like Peter Strobel & Associates.

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One on One Attention

Over the past several years, Peter Strobel & Associates has built a reputation in the Austin metropolitan area of quality. As a small company, the builders are able to work one on one with the homebuyers and determine exactly what they are looking for in a home. The team members are present for all aspects of the building process, and work is nearly always completed to the satisfaction of the customer. The organization's small size also allows for cost effectiveness, resulting in a house that while unique in its structure and made to match the family who will dwell in it, is not a house that costs more than any normal individual could afford.

The Strobel in Strobel & Associates

A further impressive aspect of Peter Strobel & Associates is Peter Strobel's presence. He takes part in every home, visiting the sites, talking with the customers and overseeing every aspect of the homebuilding. He believes in the importance of taking the time to create a quality building. He won't rush a project simply so his team can move on to another. He will patiently monitor the progress and ensure that when it is done, it is done to perfection - or as closely to perfection as any human can come. He is committed to his product and proves it every day, with every house and every blueprint.

Customers can come to Peter Strobel & Associates either with their own set of blueprints or without. If without plans, the company will select a reasonably priced architect to design the home. Whichever method is selected, the homeowner can be certain that a house that matches his dreams and plans will be created. It is, after all, the homeowner who will live in the house, not the architect, not Peter Strobel and not the builders. The homeowner has the final word in how the home will look, having heard the opinion and advice of custom builders who know what design aspects will work best with the lot and needs of the client.

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Peter Strobel & Associates operates under the belief that they should be ACES in the construction business - they believe in assurance, commitment to quality, excellence, and service. They are the small company that not only gives you a custom home but also the feeling that you are the most important client - you are the one they are there to serve. And when they hand you the keys to your new home, you'll know that that feeling was based in truth.