Toll Brothers Austin

If you are looking for luxury in a custom designed home, the Toll Brothers may have created it for you. This company builds not just one home, but entire communities in some of the most desired areas of the country. There are many Toll Brothers custom homes in the Austin area. Along with these larger than life homes, many of the communities offer amenities like exercise rooms and pools. The houses are built with the natural settings in mind and are meant to use the surroundings as accents on the community itself.

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Building a Toll Brother's Home

The Toll Brothers have used the experience of building to create an intense pre-building screening before the settlement to ensure the customers full satisfaction. This includes a nine page questionnaire that focuses not only on the clients needs, but also the "extras" they prefer. Toll Brothers works using the best building supplies known for the highest quality. Clients can choose from a variety of these high end materials to truly make the home their own. Depending on the choices made, the Austin market range for a Toll Brothers Home is between $200k-$1MM. This means that for all the luxury, the prices are reasonable. Toll Brothers has been previously named America's Best Builder. The company has also received Builder of the Year and the National Housing Quality Award in 1995. To keep this momentum, the company has also begun building green. During construction, if a tree must be moved, it is transplanted and saved. Each community boasts some kind of nature inspired harmony, whether it is a walking trail or an existing creek saved for peaceful nights.

Each community site also hosts an on site project manager that is available when needed during builds and after construction is complete. The benefit of this is that those in the community are able to communicate with one person whom they know if something comes up. This creates great customer service that helps to make a new home owner feel more at ease with the entire process. Prospective buyers will know what to expect in the community, including schools and recreational activities. Since the project manager is on site during construction, any questions or changes in the design are made as they are asked. The project manager is there through each step in the building process, and therefore know the house inside and out just as the homeowner will. All of this makes the transition into the new home easier.

About the Company: Toll Brothers

When in the market for a new home, finding an experienced builder with forty years of creating luxury homes can make the choice easier. Toll Brothers builds communities from the ground up with all the amenities a new home buyer is looking for. What other builders may consider "extras", the Toll Brothers see as a standard of living. Gentle with the local environment, these communities in Austin are stunning in their placement within nature. There are local design centers that allow clients to view materials of the highest quality to have placed in their custom home. The entire experience is made for the comfort and ease of the client.

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