Wilshire Homes

A Reputation Built on Quality

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What are the two things you want most when selecting the company that will build your home: a history of quality and proof that that history will continue. You want to see a past and a future that will serve as a solid foundation for the present, for your home, which is where you will store the memories of the past and the possibilities of the future. With Wilshire Homes, an organization based in Austin but operating throughout Texas, you get just that - a company that has proved time and again that its homes are homes that last. It has a reputation of quality and the innovative thinking to ensure that its future is the same.

Wilshire Homes operates around a simple set of values: honesty, integrity, excellence, teamwork, respect/trust, entrepreneurial spirit and continuous improvement. And every day with every home it builds and sells, it proves its dedication to those values. The homes it creates are personalized - customized to meet your needs as opposed to the needs of the cookie cutter families so many large corporations imagine. In fact, Wilshire Homes' motto when building for you is "Built Around You." They want to offer you a house that revolves around you.

Wilshire's Building Process

To do that, they start by looking at your current life. What people and activities are present now that will affect the type of house you need? What do you plan for the future that may affect your needs, such as a child or two? Further, what can you afford? What is your desired location and what is your time frame? And then, they discover your vision. They learn about what it is that you see when you picture home. Do you imagine a white picket fence, a modern feel or a comfy, casual abode? Once that is determined, Wilshire Homes turns your vision into reality, creating a house that not only suits your needs but coincides with your dreams - a perfect blend of reality and fantasy.

With such a home, there should be no difficulty in living long into the future. But just in case, Wilshire Homes has also started building green, so that not only your house but also your environment serve you for as long as possible. Fresh air is filtered through all of the homes efficiently; greenhouse gas emissions are reduced with energy conservation techniques and up-to-date energy efficient building methods are used. And, to guarantee your and the environment's health even more, moisture management is used to lessen risk. All told, Wilshire Homes creates a building that enables family to lessen their toll on the environment, their energy use, by 30 percent, which is a pretty impressive number considering.

Wilshire Homes' Awards

And if that doesn't convince you that Wilshire Homes is a company worth trusting, take a look, once again, at its past. Since 2004 it has won a significant amount of awards including Best Places to Work in Austin, San Antonio Summit Awards, Grand MAX Volume Builder of the Year and Energy Value Housing Award. Clearly, Wilshire Homes is not just a company that promises quality but one that delivers as well.

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